Saturday, 27 June 2009

8. A little extra something... because I can't be assed to edit the previous post.

Just stumbled on an extra Fantasy Sub-genre... are you ready for this? Are you really ready for a new Buzz-word?
OK... you asked for it...

Wainscot is a term used in fantasy fiction to describe societies that are concealed... (hidden in the wainscoting) and secretly working in the real world. It was first coined by The Encyclopedia of Fantasy in 1997.
For an accurate definition of "wainscoting"... look here:

Such concealed societies typically have a special insight into the mechanics of the world, such as an understanding of magical forces or knowledge of supernatural beings.
Wainscot societies may seek to hide this information from outsiders, or they may be disbelieved due to ignorance, conspiracies, or because people choose not to believe in their existence.
The over-riding feature of wainscot fiction is that it does not take place in fantasy realms only accessible via some kind of magical portal (e.g. Narnia). Wainscot fantasy involves hidden parts of the familiar, mundane world.

Typical examples include:

The Harry Potter series. by J.K. Rowling. (Now reclassified from "Contemporary Fantasy.")
The Borrowers. by Mary Norton.
The Carpet People. by Terry Pratchett.
Power of Three. by Diana Wynne Jones.

Now, hopefully, you have all you need to know to choose which genre your baby falls into.

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