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“A Bright,and Shining Land”… Fantasy just became mortal.

July 1st, 2009

“Spring crept softly… almost furtively, into the western realms of Falanholme that year. For still, the bitter, icing winds from off the grey, flinty mountains tugged and whimpered about the tree-tops that surrounded the old Algethi Garrison of Calverstock, deep in the forest of the Delvlings that bordered the Kingdom of Lorenfalu. The fragile Moonflower buds were only now beginning to struggle bravely from the woodland floor through the last of the winter snows that lay all melting into spidery islands, creating a soft, green and white patchwork amidst the trees.”

So begins “A BRIGHT AND SHINING LAND”… the first book of a new Epic Fantasy Trilogy titled “THE ETERNAL WATCHTOWER.”

Just when we thought that there would never be another decent Epic Fantasy that wasn’t just one more Tolkien or Conan rip-off, here comes the first part of a Trilogy that doesn’t revolve around Elves, or Sword and Sorcery.

With J. K. Rowling completing The Harry Potter series, and the effective closing of The Middle Earth saga with the publication of Tolkien’s Children of Hurin; readers are searching for something new and exciting… and this could well be it.

"A BRIGHT, AND SHINING LAND" stands out from the “New Generation” of Fantasy Novels… the author, D.W. Mace has created a world that will entertain and excite readers without suffocating them with great tracts of description. His world is suggested; rather than visually rammed down the throat.
This is classic, old-time narrative, where the reader uses his imagination to visualise the great sweeping landscapes that his characters inhabit. The author has created a world which is not so very different to that, which ours might well have been, in the far distant, forgotten past.

The story is, as one would expect; another facet of the “Good versus Evil” scenario, but, It’s really refreshing to find an author who is not afraid to sacrifice a few central characters along the way. This is indeed, quite a change from the usual immortal heroes and heroines; and, there is real humanity in these characters.
Although this first book is effectively, a scene-setter for the complete Trilogy; it really is a page-turner. You get immersed in the plot, and can never be really certain that the good guys will actually survive.

For a first novel, this is impressive stuff; the author hasn’t padded it out with generic cotton wool and cliches, just to lengthen the plot. The sub-plots merge seamlessly into the whole, and the basic premise of imagining the reader is actually listening to the story being read, as it unfolds from the pages, is unusual, but very effective.

"A BRIGHT, AND SHINING LAND" is filled with romance, vicious battles; ever-creeping evil, and believable, constrained magic.

If you are a devotee of Middle-Earth-style adventure, then this book is for you.

"A BRIGHT, AND SHINING LAND" is published by the Arts Council supported, and Legend Press; the UK’s youngest-run, mainstream fiction publisher; and is available in online bookstores, including Amazon worldwide, The Book Alibris, etc.

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Book Details:

# Author: D.W.Mace.
# Paperback: 284 pages
# Publisher: YouWriteOn; 1st edition (June 13, 2009)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 1849238162
# ISBN-13: 978-1849238168
# Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.6 inches
# Price: $12.99 (USD.) £7.99 (GBP.)

Thanks, Leigh... and I didn't even have to bribe him. He wrote the body of this from a pre-publication electronic copy of the book.
Not a bad job!

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