Thursday, 30 July 2009

Another Press release has appeared!

Interesting! Another Press release; taken from a review of the book. (Nothing like a bit of shameless publicity!)... and no money changed hands, either.

The release is at:

and goes like this:

Those looking for more of the "Boy becomes Wizard, and defeats Dark Lord" books that litter the cut-price shelves of any bookstore, look elsewhere; "A Bright, and Shining Land" is fantasy for grownups. This is the first book of a new High Fantasy Trilogy titled "The Eternal Watchtower."
This is storytelling in the old style... and it doesn't revolve around Elves, Dwarves, or Sword and Sorcery.
This is classic, old-time narrative, where the reader uses his imagination to visualise the great, sweeping landscapes that the characters inhabit. The author has created a world which is not so very different to that, which ours might well have been, in the far distant, forgotten past.

At this point the rear cover blurb is repeated; (so, no need to bore you with that again.)

This really is the stuff of fantasy. Forget Tolkien identikits, forget Sword 'n Sorcery; forget heroes with bulging biceps; ephemeral, untouchable Princesses, and all the rest of that nonsense.
If you want to read something unique, something that will move and excite you, perhaps, even bring a tear to your eye... read this.

A Bright, and Shining Land is filled with ever-creeping evil, romance, vicious battles; and believable, constrained magic that appears only very rarely, making it infinitely more interesting. The plot steadfastly refuses to go where you'd expect. The author keeps you wanting to turn the page; interweaving plots with the skill of the best epic fantasists.

if you are a devotee of Middle-Earth-style adventure, then this book is for you.


Not bad for a first-timer... and I didn't write them myself... which means Someone out there must like the book!

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