Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Second Book... close to lift-off!

The publishers have informed me that the second book: "The Riddle of Storien-Rhudd" is now available for me to order my "Author Copies"... the give-aways, review copies etc. This effectively means that the book should be appearing on Amazon in a few week's time.

Meanwhile; here is a small extract from the third book of the trilogy;
"The Hand of Baelar"
which continues the tale of The Matter of Falanholme; introduces the second generation of Guardians; and leads to the final, bitter conflict with the Forces of Evil...

Distantly, on the eastern border of Falanholme; still, was there flit and slink of the Shadow-Wraiths all along the watchtower chain on the Heights of Rhyddu. Here, there was no witless essay in breaching the Girdle. Here, there was, but sinister wend, and baleful linger, as the Shadow-Wraiths progressed from watchtower to watchtower, abiding; and watching for some weakness... perhaps, some rive in the whole. Alas; to their acerbity, there was none. The spell-cast of the Old Magic held sturdy. So; The Shadow-Wraiths prowled Rhyddu; their wailing, wordless cries of seethe echoed the watchtowers, and carried faint on the whimpering winds of Malphaers, even down unto Rhom.

In this space of time; from the palisades of Calverstock, a careful watch had been kept on the scarp of Grimspound Brea, above Calverstock Gill to the south. Naught had been forthcoming as yet; perhaps, the Darklings chose to decry incurse from here, being in plain sight to all who might choose to gaze into the south. Then, one morning, a sharp-eyed young sentry beheld a speck in the skies above the canopy of The Delvlings. It was coming from out of the north, and it was moving at great pace.

He called the Alarm, and soon enough, was joined on the northern brattice by Callam. In watching, they saw it was a Merlin; a Merlin flying as swift as ever they had seen a Merlin fly. As they watched, it lowered its stand in the sky and hurtled across the clearing that compassed Calverstock. It seemed it must dash itself against the palisade, but, at the last... it rose, then turning as only a Merlin may turn, alighted upon the brattice before them. Under their startled gaze, it made shape-shift, and before them stood Jhastor, the Shadaiian Shadow-Watcher of the Forest of Raventhorn Scar. Who leaned against the palisade, gasping and bereft of wind. When he had gathered breath, he laid before them, grim, and ominous intelligences.

Jhastor told that the Shadaiian leader; Archernan, had caused the Yeranoor Shadowlands and the Wastes of Plenmellar to be oft-times patrolled in depth. The Shadaiian patrols had progressed in shape-shift as ravens; as crows, and, as hawks. They found there, a gruesomeness. These reaches had been ravaged... close in equal to Astalan, when put against the tell of what Calladhor had discovered in that distant, ruined Realm. The Shadaiians had flown league upon league, round and about the Yeranoor Shadowlands and the Wastes of Plenmellar, and none were there to be found alive. They had come down on FionnMhor Moss and elected to seek out Fionndell, the settlement in FionnMhor Rift; the deep, wooded valley wherein dwelt the Brotherhood of FionnMhor.

They found Fionndell laid to waste. All the Brotherhood… their bond-mates… their younglings, were slaughtered. Torn and mangled bodies sprawled, all scattered about… some consumed in part. There too, were a sizeable number of carcasses of their assailers... gruesome creatures possessing large mouths... more lip-less maws beset with sharp, needle-like teeth. They had no nose in the common manner... nor did they possess eyes with black centres. Their eyes were naught, but pale, yellow orbs. The Shadaiians had never seen the like. The tracks thereabouts, led out to northerly-east... and to northerly-east lay the Great Hall of Penvallanar; the steading of Thallian Beckstrider and his bond-mate, the Sorceress Shahran of Penvallanar.

The Shadaiians had returned to Raventhorn and laid the tell of what they had espied. Archernan had despatched Jhastor in full haste to bring this dreadful information to the knowing of The Lord Guardian. He had progressed to Calverstock; which was the nearer than was Rhom, in the space of a little less than one Sundial shadow span. Callam hearkened the tell. He was beset with puzzlement. Why would The Darkness choose to wrack the Shadowlands? T'was not as though a Guardian dwelt there. This was indeed, a weighty conundrum. Then… suddenly, sprang the knowing... the truth of it. These vermin sought not, the Guardians.

The third book of The Eternal Watchtower Trilogy...
"The Hand of Baelar"
will, hopefully, be published in the late Autumn.

The books of the Trilogy are, and will be published as Print on Demand, and available from Amazon and other On-Line booksellers.

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