Monday, 5 October 2009

Book Three has been accepted for publication!

Wow! I must be doing something right... my publishers have accepted the submission for the third book of "The Eternal Watchtower" Trilogy, which means it should be published in December.

The down-side is that I now have no excuse for not pressing on with the Sequel. (See previous post.)

The old "I'm just line-editing it one more time" won't wash any longer!

Whilst really trying not to slip into SMUG mode; two books published, and one about to be published, since March of this year... when, prior to that, I was still doing the rounds as an un-published author, means that YOU can also become a Published Author without having to resort to the dreaded Vanity Press sharks.

(But I told you that at the beginning of this blog... but, did you believe me...?)

My advice is stop reading this rubbish and go straight to

There is a free publishing initiative running at the moment. If you want distribution and an ISBN number there is a charge... but, if you were going down the traditional publishing route... (Literary Agent/ Publisher) have to pay for the ISBN number anyway... it would be deducted from the first royalty payment.)

Like I said before... If I can do it... You can, too!

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