Friday, 16 October 2009

Press review for the second book.

A press release for the second book of the Trilogy has appeared...

Book Two of "The Eternal Watchtower" Epic Fantasy Trilogy now released!

The second book of D W Mace's Epic Fantasy Trilogy: "The Eternal Watchtower," titled: "The Riddle of Storien-Rhudd" has been released by New Generation Publishing. The concluding book "The Hand of Baelar" will be be released in late November.


PRLog (Press Release) – Oct 16, 2009 –

The Riddle of Storien-Rhudd continues the unremitting conflict between Good and Evil in the lands of Falanholme... the insidious, creeping menace of the forces of The Darkness that will determine the fate of the totally believable world that the author has so masterfully created.

The adventure continues from the point in the first book "A Bright, and Shining Land" where, with the first Darkling Horde destroyed, and the Plain of Malphaers open; the central character... Calladhor, Lord Guardian of The Light, can now journey east to seek out the key to the Riddle of Storien-Rhudd, carved upon the mighty stone tablet in the Dragon Eyrie of the same name, which, if solved, will allow his Dragon allies, who helped him defeat the first onslaught of the Dark forces, to regain their true form.

It would seem to be a quest lacking in any great peril, even though the secret valley wherein the key to the riddle may exist, is many leagues distant.

Calladhor is aware that, in spite of the recent defeat of the Forces of The Darkness; the dreadful, Dark Entity, Baelar will not rest until "The Light" is extinguished, and all is thrust back into Chaos. Even with this knowledge firm in his mind; Calladhor cannot prepare himself for the dreadfulness that he will encounter, as he journeys deep into the ruined lands that were once, the Kingdom of Astalan.

This second book is an epic, and perilous journey into the unknown. It contains harrowing discoveries in the ravaged distant Kingdom; vicious, hand to hand battles, and awful, and malevolent adversaries. This is a world of dark, menacing shadows.

The new book features one more strong female main character... as did the first book. This is something still comparatively uncommon in the fantasy genre. The balance of action, storytelling, and romance is elegantly executed beyond the average fantasy novel, and is sure to be entertaining for all readers.

This emerging Trilogy is one of those rare gems that few people have yet come to know about... the first book: "A Bright, and Shining Land" was first published as recently as June 2009... but if you are looking for a great epic fantasy adventure that does not rely on a typical "Elves," or "Sword and Sorcery" theme, then this is definitely one Trilogy you need to get.


The first print of the second book was completed with an incorrect cover artwork. This is in the process of being changed by the printers... so anyone who has one of the first run will have something very rare... (but, then again... anyone who has a copy will most likely have a rarity, anyway!)

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