Sunday, 3 January 2010

Artwork for Book Four.

OK; so I've given you a couple of tasters for book four, so here's the proposed cover artwork...

The back cover blurb goes like this:

 It is 1937. Two archaeologists; one... German; the other... Russian, are researching three ancient volumes unearthed in the area of the huge 1908 explosion in Central Siberia... "The Tunguska Event." They both have hidden agendas.
They have been instructed by their Governments to secretly establish if there could conceivably be any indication of Military significance to the advantage of their respective Regimes.

Two of history's most evil men; Reichsf├╝hrer Heinrich Himmler, and Nikolai Yezhov... head of the Soviet NKVD are engaged in a sinister game Double-cross.
Each archaeologist has been instructed to secure any such discovered information... and then, to liquidate their opposite number.

Himmler has code-named his involvement in this deceit as...

"The Vanavara Protocol."
At present, the fourth book is standing at 135,000 words, in sixteen chapters; and is about two-thirds complete. It is a stand-alone, but alludes to the Trilogy in several places. (The Three Ancient Volumes.)
It revolves around a malignant artifact which appeared in the third book of the Trilogy, and is probably best read as a continuation of "The Eternal Watchtower."

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