Sunday, 31 January 2010

A little more of the fourth book...

Another segment from the on-going fourth book "The Vanavara Protocol" for your delectation...
(Plus; I am putting a few old photos of the places mentioned into the posts to give a feel to the text. Most of these places no longer exist in Berlin as they were destroyed during the war... or have been radically changed during the partitioned East/West Berlin period.)
(Example: many Berlin street names have been changed, or have disappeared. A fascinating trip into old Berlin street maps may be found at:

At the junction of Siegesallee and Charlottenburger Chaussee, the Horch scarcely slowed as it cut across the four lanes of traffic, then executed a similar manoeuvre across Zeltenallee into the Königsplatz, with the siren still wailing and echoing back from the trees in the eastern end of the Tiergarten. The Great Siegessäule column, topped with the Goddess of Victory... "Die Vergoldete Sieggöttin," that the Berliners called "Goldelse," gazing down from her high perch, and the crouching, shadowy Reichstag building towered to their right, as the car sped past the Kroll-Oper and swung right into the short Strasse am Königsplatz, to stop outside the huge and gloomy, Neo-Gothic, four-storey Ministry of Internal Affairs building bedecked with long, blood-red Hakenkreuz banners that stirred ominously in the thin breeze rustling through the thickly wooded Tiergarten.

Königsplatz, Berlin.
[Reichstag in foreground,  Siegessäule in centre; Kroll-Oper in background.]

Ministry of Internal Affairs building on Königsplatz, Berlin.

The SS-Sturmscharführer jumped out of the Horch and opened the rear door for the young woman. He escorted her across the pavement to the high, three-arched, pillared portico that protected the entrance to the Ministry. Two black uniformed SS-Scharführers, wearing white belts and gloves... as they always did on this guard duty; snapped to attention, presenting arms with their highly polished rifles. The SS-Sturmscharführer gave the full Hitlergruss as he strode into the building. They crossed the marble floor to a vast desk, where a portly and somewhat unsavoury looking SS-Untersturmführer sat. After a suitable pause, he looked up.
The SS-Sturmscharführer cracked off another perfect Hitlergruss and crashed his heels together. In an unnecessarily loud voice, he shouted...

          'Heil Hitler! SS-Untersturmführer; I wish to report that I have collected Fräulein Doktor von Seringen, of Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt -am-Main, for audience with the Reichsführer-SS, at his request.'

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