Thursday, 4 February 2010

A specific research subject.

Further to my note on researching; for an intrinsic part of the extract in the previous post... and for inclusion in subsequent passages of the story; I needed to establish what sort of transportation the NKVD operatives utilised. I found several references to vehicles known as "Black Ravens"... "Chyornye Voronki," in Russian.
What were these ominous vehicles? Cars? Vans? Trucks?
A Google search turned up only five references. An image search proved useless. OK; let's try "Russian Black Ravens".... Bingo! Two drawings of what appeared to be Ford-type saloons with an illustration of a Gulag in the background; painted in the 30's by Boris Jeremejewitsch Wladimirskij...

Further research identified the cars as being examples of the GAZ M1... a Russian-built vehicle based largely on the American 1933 Ford V8 Model 40...


All fairly straightforward then.... wrong! This tiny piece of research took something like two hours; cross-checking and confirming details from Russian sites (again!)
The rule of thumb is, if at first, you come up with nothing... start thinking outside the box!

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