Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Fourth novel has been accepted for publication!

Just had confirmation that the synopsis for the fourth novel: "The Vanavara Protocol" has been accepted.
So, now it's down to the fun job of line-editing to sift out the whoopsies.
The initial final word count after the first hack-job came out at around 180,000 words. The second run involving the chopping out of detail, that in all honesty, was little more than padding, brought it down to 173,000 words, which works out to around 420 pages.

This line-editing really is necessary. When you write the last line, the natural feeling is that this is a really good story; tight action, fast-moving, etc, etc.  Then you read the whole thing again and the thought sneaks in...
Is this section really adding anything to the fabric of the story?... or is it just showing what an in-depth researching smart-ass I was when I wrote that?
(And the reader will probably think exactly the same thing!)

With this novel; there's an awful lot of historical fact woven in. The reasoning behind this was to try and give the reader a real feel for the increasingly opressive atmosphere of the immediately pre-war period in Germany... specifically Berlin; and Soviet Russia.
The problem was to try to avoid making it read like a history book. This is where subjective research was necessary... and in some places... brutal editing!

The next fun will be making sure that the cover graphics meet the publisher's criteria. They need the graphics to be a minimum of 300 dpi; which, in their original format, come out at around 2 meg each. OK; so save them as jpegs... then you get the dreaded lossy compression, which somewhat reduces the image fidelity. (The ghosting around the edges.)
However; with the physical size of the graphics at 300dpi, a quick once-over with something like the Paint Shop Pro Clone brush, and the Blend mode; and a little judicious use of the JPEG Artifact Removal command will remove most of the flaws, and the image will be much sharper at the final working size for the image. This does, however, take quite a bit of time; but if you screw it up, there is always the "Undo" command.

So; provided everything proceeds normally; the files should be ready to submit by the end of the month.

Just to keep out of mischief; I'm already roughing out the basic bones of the follow-on novel. This too, will be another historically based adventure in the same vein as "The Vanavara Protocol."

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