Sunday, 27 June 2010

The Vanavara Protocol... here we go!

The files for "The Vanavara Protocol" have been duly forwarded to the publishers for them to convert the MS Word document and Jpegs into the format suitable for the printers. So far; there has been no word that there is a problem with any of them. The ISBN number allocation and arrangements  for inclusion in the Nielsen Book List have been completed.

The next stage will be receipt of the proof PDF document for final checking and acceptance.
 If the previous book is anything to go by; this should take about four to six weeks... (subject to publisher's work-load.)
When the book proof is cleared by me, the files are forwarded to the printer. After something like two to three weeks, I am notified that the Author copy order can be made. Then, it's just down to the printer's work-load.

Optomistically, the book should be available by early Autumn.

(And the sequel is running at 10,000 words already!)

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