Friday, 2 July 2010

Book Five... A sneak preview.

Having completed the first three chapters, and getting a touch of brain-fade; I decided to make a start on the cover graphics. This one was not easy... even worse, was thinking up a title.

The novel picks up the story of "The Vanavara Protocol" at the point where Berlin is about to be over-run by the Soviet  Armies who are massing for the final assault... the Nazi's very own Götterdämmerung.

Here is the  preliminary artwork....


 This one is still a long way off... and the research, if anything, is even more difficult than it was for The Vanavara Protocol.

The word "Abaddon" in the title literally means Destruction, Ruin or Perdition, and is the Hebrew name for the Demon who is also known as "The Angel of the Bottomless Pit." This Demon is also known as "The Destroyer" from his role as one of the destroying Angels of The Apocalypse... and a similarly malignant essence lurks in the depths of the Garnet Gemstone at the centre of the story....

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