Thursday, 26 August 2010

A Progress Report...

The publisher's proof  for "The Vanavara Protocol" had a couple of formatting errors, so a fresh copy has been submitted.
This will delay the book for a couple of weeks.
Meantime, here is the flyer, taken from the cover design...

The next book... "The Abaddon Stone,"  which is a continuation of the escapades of our heroine, is proceeding nicely.
It now stands at 39,000 words in Nine chapters, setting the scene for her post-war adventures on the trail of the dreadful "Abaddon Stone" which is said to be "A Destroyer of Worlds" and was inadvertantly released from its sealed metallic prison on the eve of the Second World War by a German Toolmaker.
Her ongoing quest is to find the Stone and destroy it before it wreaks its evil powers of destruction upon Mankind once again.

And here's the tagline:

"They thought the spark in the heart of the stone was just a reflection of the light... but, she knew otherwise."

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