Thursday, 30 September 2010

How the idea developed.

Although mention has already been made concerning the central Heroine, who has always been Blonde, Blue-eyed, and Beautiful, and is based upon just one Blonde, Blue-eyed, and Beautiful Lady of my acquaintance who I shall only refer to as "Shining Girl;" mention must be made of one more special Lady friend... Beshley.

She was the inspiration for Beshlie of Calverstock ... the co-heroine in "The Hand of Baelar"...the third volume of "The Eternal Watchtower" Trilogy. With her agreement, her name was amended to fit the character; and without her, the Trilogy might well have ended in a totally different way.

As it was; one specific action by Beshlie of Calverstock towards the conclusion of the third volume laid the foundation of a common thread that weaves through the fourth novel... "The Vanavara Protocol,"and is central to the plot of The fifth novel "The Abaddon Stone." It is also a basis for the heroine's ongoing quest in a proposed future series of novels.

Thank You, Ladies, for the inspiration.

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