Thursday, 23 September 2010

A Progress Report.

The replacement files for "The Vanavara Protocol" have been duly forwarded and received. Just a question of waiting now!

The rear cover blurb and design for the subsequent novel: "The Abaddon Stone" has also been re-jigged:

This version now contains the tag-line, and seems better-balanced than the original attempt. The novel now stands at 46,500 words, and the Heroine is now almost at the point where her adventures really begin.

The common thread of the series is to introduce our heroine (who has been recruited by the fledgeling U.S. Security Services) with a new identity and develop a series of novels revolving around her quest to locate the malignant Garnet.
So; the Heroine in "The Vanavara Protocol"... Karyn von Seringen... ex-Wartime German Ahnenerbe Doctor of Archaeology, becomes Charlotte Louise Mckenna... O.S.S./C.I.A. Officer; and may even be a re-incarnation of the Heroine of the "Eternal Watchtower" Trilogy... "The Golden Child"... Kathalyn Seregon. (The names are eerily similar!) 

It may have been noticed that, through the entire series of novels, the central Heroine has always been Blonde, Blue-eyed, and Beautiful.
This is no coincidence, as she has always been based on just one Blonde, Blue-eyed, and Beautiful Lady of my acquaintance who has encouraged me in my writing virtually from Day One.
Thank You, "Shining Girl."

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