Saturday, 25 September 2010

The re-written first section of "The Abaddon Stone."

Considering that the Heroine of "The Abaddon Stone" acquires a new identity in the novel; I thought that perhaps, an initial introduction at the beginning of the story might avert any confusion for the reader. Here is the re-written first section for your delectation...

The rumble of the big V8 engine of the Olive-drab painted Cadillac staff car echoed back from the buildings on Karwendelstrasse as it cruised across the junction at Drakestrasse, and turned right into Finkensteinallee. The road was still cobbled, although many of the stones were chipped and scarred. It was still lined with the old lilac trees; bearing the scars of bullets and shell fragments in their thick trunks and lower branches. Many of the old buildings had survived the Russian onslaught as they blasted their way into Berlin; but many new structures had appeared on the sites of their ruined predecessors. The pretty blonde wearing a Claire McCardell moss green wool, fitted two-piece, long-skirted suit, and a jaunty little matching fedora, sat in the rear seat of the staff car, glancing out of the window.

          Finckensteinallee was much the same as she remembered from when she had been driven down to the SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler Lichterfelde Kaserne in 1937, in the company of SS-Gruppenführer Wolff; the Head of Reichsführer-SS Himmler's personal staff and his Personal Adjutant and Liaison officer. Eight years had passed since she was last here; about to embark on Himmler's ill-fated "Vanavara Protocol" expedition to Siberia. It was two years since she had been in Berlin. Back then; she had a different identity. Her name had been Fraülein Doktor Karyn Helle von Seringen; Deputy researcher for the Deutsches Ahnenerbe Institute for Linguistic study, at Berlin-Dahlem.

 Lichterfelde Kaserne. 1937.

          The Cadillac turned into the main entrance of the old Lichterfelde Kaserne and was waved down by an American Military Policeman. Nothing much appeared to have changed at the Kaserne. The long guardhouses on either side of the gate were still there; but the pair of four-metre high, Stone sentinel statues of "Der Ewigen Reichsrottenführer"… "The Imperishable Corporals," that had flanked the gate were missing. In their place were two towering blocks of concrete. The old Headquarters building across the checkerboard parade ground still stood; but was minus the massive Reichsadler Eagle perched above the false portico, which no longer bore the legend: "Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler" emblazoned boldly across its cornice.
          The staff car driver handed his orders to the MP, who scanned them and glanced at the blonde in the rear seat.

          'Captain Charlotte Mckenna? Welcome to Andrews Barracks, Ma'am.'

 Andrews Barracks, Lichterfelde. 1947.

(Just a comparison to illustrate the section.)

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