Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Preliminary cover price for The Vanavara Protocol.

The Publishers have just mailed me to say that the files have been sent to the printers and I am able to order author copies as of today. They have set the cover price at £9.99, GBP which equates to somewhere around $16.50 USD.

That's a little more than the cover prices of The Trilogy, but, there again; Vanavara runs to just over 180,000 words, and the longest Trilogy novel (Book Two) ran to a little under 154,000 words... and was cover priced at $15.99 USD, (£8.99 GBP,) so, a small increase is only to be expected.

The sequel to Vanavara.... "The Abaddon Stone" is just coming up towards half-way stage at 75,000 words, and the plot is hatching nicely with a view to further adventures for our Heroine.

(This Novel writing game certainly keeps the Grey cells ticking over nicely... and it sure as hell beats on-line gaming!)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Vanavara Protocol is finally heading to the Printers.

The proof PDF  of the cover for "The Vanavara Protocol" has finally been completed by the publishers and has been bought off. This means that the files are on their way for publication. Hopefully the finished book will be available in a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, here is the final cover for the novel...

More information to follow, as received.