Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Preliminary cover price for The Vanavara Protocol.

The Publishers have just mailed me to say that the files have been sent to the printers and I am able to order author copies as of today. They have set the cover price at £9.99, GBP which equates to somewhere around $16.50 USD.

That's a little more than the cover prices of The Trilogy, but, there again; Vanavara runs to just over 180,000 words, and the longest Trilogy novel (Book Two) ran to a little under 154,000 words... and was cover priced at $15.99 USD, (£8.99 GBP,) so, a small increase is only to be expected.

The sequel to Vanavara.... "The Abaddon Stone" is just coming up towards half-way stage at 75,000 words, and the plot is hatching nicely with a view to further adventures for our Heroine.

(This Novel writing game certainly keeps the Grey cells ticking over nicely... and it sure as hell beats on-line gaming!)

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