Sunday, 27 February 2011

A Little unexpected publicity

Have just been directed to this by one of my contacts:

( February 27, 2011 --

"The Vanavara Protocol" ... A follow-on to the gripping "Eternal Watchtower" Trilogy by the same author, only this time, not a fantasy; although there are many references to the Trilogy, albeit, cleverly set into modern times.

"The Vanavara Protocol" is set in pre-war Germany and the Soviet Union, and follows the adventures of the central heroine (whose name is very similar to the central heroine of the Trilogy... coincidence? or something else?) as she embarks upon an expedition into the Soviet Union to seek out the truth surrounding the massive Siberian explosion of 1908. Three ancient volumes have been discovered in the area, and may hold some clue as to the cause of this catastrophe.

The expedition has been arranged by Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler and Nikolai Yezhov... head of the Soviet NKVD in order to establish if there might be anything of advantageous Military significance to their respective regimes. Each of these evil men propose to double-cross the other if anything is found.

This novel really is a page-turner. I found it difficult to put down. It draws you into the plot, almost as if you were actually there in that period of history, accompanying the heroine. The research is flawless, but carefully incorporated to prevent it reading like some history book.

This is a masterly adventure that keeps its pace from beginning to end. It is a large novel at 448 pages, printed on top-quality cream paper with easily readable, clear type, and presented in trade paperback size.

If someone ever chose to write a screenplay of "The Vanavara Protocol" it would make a superb film! (And you can't say that about too many novels, these days!)

Available from Amazon Worldwide.
# Paperback: 448 pages
# Publisher: new Generation Publishing
# Language English
# ISBN-10: 1907756574
# ISBN-13: 978-1907756573
# Price: £9.99

Also available in Kindle edition:
# Format: Kindle Edition
# File Size: 759 KB
# Publisher: New Generation Publishing; 2 edition (17 Jan 2011)
# Sold by: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.
# Language English
# ASIN: B004JN0SD8
# Kindle Price: £5.70

So someone out there must have found it interesting!... only, who the heck Glenn Elliott is... search me!... but, thanks anyway!

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