Monday, 30 May 2011

The Sequel to "The Abaddon Stone."

The sequel to the Abaddon Stone has been started. Stacey Mckenna is the daughter of Charlotte Mckenna; the Heroine of The Abaddon Stone.
Charlotte has returned to Seoul to resume her quest to seek out "The Abaddon Stone," and Stacey has followed her mother into the service of "The Company"... the CIA.
An accomplished pilot, she has joined the ranks of Air America flying out from Laos during the Vietnam War....

Here is a preview of the provisional book cover....

Why? You may ask, do you create the cover before the novel plot is completed?
I work this way because the cover of a book is probably the most difficult thing to accomplish successfully. This includes the "Blurb" on the back cover. The Title of the book gives a basic description of what the book is about in either one word or a short phrase. The colour of the cover is important because it corresponds with the theme of the book. A book's theme is the main picture people get when they read the book. For example; love equals red, and danger and death equals black. The theme should have a corresponding colour. Pictures tend to give the reader an image of the story, so when they read it, they can get a better picture in their mind of what's going on.
Designing the cover gives me an insight into how the plot will build. This sounds strange as I am actually creating the plot, but it puts me where the reader will be when they first see the book, and gives me a clear view of how the storyline is developing as I write it.  If I get stuck, I simply study the cover and imagine what the reader is expecting from their initial sight of the cover.
It may not work for you, but seems to work for me!

More to follow later!

Re-jigged Cover.

And now... at great expense... the re-jigged cover for Abaddon.
Problem is; printers demand a minimum of 300dpi, and there aren't too many graphics apps out there that will save at that resolution without making the file an unuseable size for attaching to emails. (Usually in excess of about ten megs!)
Fortunately, PaintShop Pro will do the business... If you set it up properly.
Anyway, enough of this rubbish... here's the cover:

The Publishers have set the price at £8.99 GBP... $ USD price to follow when it appears on Amazon.(Probably in a couple of week's time.)

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Abaddon Stone finished!

So there we are; The Abaddon Stone is finally completed at just over 147,000 words. Now comes the fun part... The Dreaded Line Editing! This will probably chop it down a little, and reveal where I had a few incidents of brain fade. (and there must have been quite a few of those over the last eight months that it took to hatch this story!)

Publication has been agreed, and apart from the "red pen" job, I also have to tidy up the cover graphics that I have designed. A "guesstimate" is that the book will appear early next month if all goes to plan.

Monday, 2 May 2011

And... Today's special offer is...

Seeing as how I've just been struck down with a bad case of Philanthropy...( and the fact that Amazon aren't cutting it,) I have just re-priced the Kindle editions of The Eternal Watchtower Trilogy and The Vanavara Protocol.
This means that you cannot now no longer plead poverty!

The Eternal Watchtower Trilogy:
Book One... A Bright and Shining Land.
Book Two... The Riddle of Storien-Rhudd.
Book Three... The Hand of Baelar.
are all now the princely sum of $1.99  each;
The Vanavara Protocol
is now a stunningly equitable $2.99.