Sunday, 9 October 2011

Operation Ebook Drop.

I've just added the five Ebook versions of my novels to Operation Ebook Drop.  If there are any Indie writers out there who would like to give something back to the guys deployed overseas, then this is worth a serious think.
Operation Ebook Drop is an effort to provide soldiers deployed overseas free eBooks courtesy of authors participating in the program. The effort apparently started as "Operation Kindle Ebook Drop" when Ed Patterson, an author affiliated with eBook publisher and distributor Smashwords, offered a soldier all thirteen of his eBooks free of charge after the solider mentioned that Amazon's Whispernet  download service didn't work in Iraq.
Smashwords has since got into the act, with founder Marc Coker notifying the more than 1,300 Smashwords authors about the program. Author participation is voluntary. The program has also been expanded to include eBooks for other readers such as Sony's devices, along with cell phones and laptops.

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