Saturday, 30 June 2012

Simplifying the complexity.

Seeing as how "A Dollar for The Ferryman" is starting to get complicated with regard to the jumping back and forth in time; (and that's just for me... let alone anyone else reading it!)... I am splitting the novel into two separate ones.

The first (as yet untitled) concerns " The Ferryman" heroine's mother, Charlotte Mckenna (The heroine of the previous two novels.. "The Vanavara Protocol" and "The Abaddon Stone."); and continues her adventures as she leaves Korea and returns to the USA; only to be re-assigned by Langley to another deployment.

The second novel is the chopped version of "A Dollar for The Ferryman" and follows the specific adventures of Charlotte's daughter, Stacey, as she flies the skies of Laos during the Vietnam War.

Both novels stand at approx 50,000 words in their new form... which means lots more research and keyboard thumping pending.

(Damn good job I retire at the end of the year!)

Updates will follow as each novel progresses.

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