Friday, 24 May 2013

A Dollar for The Ferryman. Part Four.

"A Dollar for The Ferryman" Part Four... "Black Sun Rising" is now available as a multi-format eBook on Smashwords.

Stacey is paired with an Israeli Intelligence officer to infiltrate an underground neo Nazi group based in Vienna. They discover that the group has chilling links to a network of Third Reich war criminals funded by the proceeds of the systematic looting of the treasures of Europe during the war.
It becomes clear that the neo Nazi network runs further and deeper than could ever have been imagined. Their intention is clear... to engineer a sequel to Die Endlösung... The Final Solution; Nazi Germany's plan during World War Two to annihilate the Jewish people, resulting in the most deadly phase of the Holocaust, the destruction of Jewish communities in continental Europe.
This time; the plot is even more terrifying. In 1968, Mossad smuggled processed uranium ore out of Europe to enable the State of Israel to attain its nuclear deterrence in an operation named "Operation Plumbat." The neo Nazis have been collecting information on Operation Plumbat which they will pass on to radical Arab factions in the Middle East… such as the Palestine Liberation Organization; or the Soviets; or both.
Such intent is designed to destabilise the Middle East, and further isolate and imperil Israel, in the full knowledge that the Arabs will react offensively, and force the Israelis to use any methods available to ensure the survival of their Homeland... which, in its turn will gave the Russian and Chinese-equipped Arab Nations justification to annihilate the State of Israel. 

Thursday, 2 May 2013

A Dollar for The Ferryman... Part Three.

A Dollar for The Ferryman, Part Three... "Echoes of a Darker Age" is now published in ebook format.
The cover graphic, once again; is a Paintshop Pro composite...

Back in the United States; Stacey Mckenna is hospitalised as she slowly recovers from her serious injuries sustained in the air crash at Cam Rhan airbase in South Vietnam.
The prognosis is not good. Her physicians consider that she will never fly again. The Director of the CIA visits her to make an offer she cannot refuse... if she wants to remain with the Agency. She can become an Instructor at the secret CIA training facility in Virginia. Her alternative is to be retired on medical grounds.
She accepts the post in Virginia, but is recalled for a special covert assignment, in which she will work with a Mossad officer to prevent a group of Austrian neo-Nazis from instigating a situation which conceivably could result in the complete destruction of the State of Israel.