Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The fifth part of "A Dollar for The Ferryman" is now published in various eBook formats and is available at:

The Austrian neo-Nazi plot designed to destabilise the Middle East, and further isolate and imperil Israel, by supplying information to radical Arab factions concerning Israel's covert Operation Plumbat; whereby they smuggled uranium oxide out of Amsterdam to enable them to attain a nuclear deterrence has been foiled; and the Viennese fascist organisation has been destroyed. However; there is one survivor who must now be hunted down and eliminated.
Stacey Mckenna and her Mossad partner now embark on a deadly escapade which will take them behind the Iron Curtain into Hungary; and on to Budapest... one of the most beautiful cities in Europe; but also one of the most deadly.
For this city is riddled with Fascists, ex-Nazis and neo-Nazis… from members of the Government down; who even now, thirty years after the Nazi occupation of the city; still refer to it as "Jewdapest."

Part Six is under way. The entire story is now in excess of 117,000 words; and I anticipate it will finally reach 140-150,000 words.

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