Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Seventh part of "A Dollar for The Ferryman" now published.

The Seventh part of "A Dollar for The Ferryman" is now published in various eBook formats and is available at:

The trail of the dossier that could spark an all-out Israeli-Arab war leads Stacey Mckenna back to Vienna.
The first copy of the dossier has been destroyed in a mistaken identity attack by Saudi hit men... the sometime allies of the Israelis. It is certain that a duplicate dossier will be sent to replace it.
Washington and Tel Aviv assemble a strike team to prevent this from ever happening.
Stacey is the CIA liaison on this team who arrive covertly in Vienna and begin a chain of assassinations of old-time Nazis and their modern counterparts... anyone implicated in the compilation of the original dossier.

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